Paint the Love Birds with Sarah

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2019

Hey all!  

I am sure some of you are wondering what all of this paint at home stuff is all about??? After painting with all of you for almost 6 years (how has it been that long??), I have found that a lot of you are taking some of my tips and instruction and started painting at home. YAY!! So I started creating some videos for you to paint with me at home!! I am also working on something BIG! Soon you will be able to sign up for my monthly paint group where you can join me and others to paint 2 full paintings a month!!

If you want more information, just click HERE and drop me your email!

See what it is all about, paint the Love Birds with me!! Watch the video HERE

‚Äč11x14 Stretched canvas, but you can use anything!
Apple Barrel Black, White, and Turquoise paint
Folk Art Gold Paint
Brushes- any type will work. 3/4 inch flat, 1/2 inch flat and a small round brush


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